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How To Use The Verb Taking Action Life Sheet

We tried to make our brand new guide as easy to use as possible, but if you still need some extra help then this post is just for you! We're going to breakdown exactly how you can use the "Verb Taking Action Life Sheet" to start bettering your life!

1. At the very top, we start out with your name and your goal for using the guide.

What is your life goal that you think the guide will help you achieve?

2. Then we move down to the next 4 boxes, which are all about your enneagram!

You can see our full breakdown of the types and subtypes here. Once you've

typed yourself, fill in your core fears and desire. We're going to use these when

moving onto the next portion of the guide

3. Next up is our goals and habits section. In the top header box, fill in what

aspect of your life is important to you. Where in your life do you want to

start taking action and building habits?

4. Then underneath the header, fill in every habit that you want to start

implementing into your life! Make sure to list every single habit that you want to

feel is important to you, this way you have a visual representation of every habit in

your life and you can keep yourself accountable.

5. Fill in the rest of the sections until you feel satisfied. And that's it!

So now what? What do you do from here? TAKE ACTION! Start to implement these habits into your life! Make sure to take it slow and don't overwhelm yourself. Maybe start with one or two of these, and implement them into your life. Once you have formed a habit or completed a goal, move onto the next one and repeat the cycle! If you fall off the wagon, don't be discouraged! You always have this guide to look back on and get back on track. Maybe print it out and keep it in someplace you always see, as a reminder to always take action in your life and to keep working to become the best version of yourself!

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